Fun Halloween Games For a Bundle of Laughs

Halloween can be a lot of fun for all ages. While trick or treating is certainly part of the fun Halloween parties are becoming more popular every year. Have a look at these fun Halloween games. The kids will have a blast.

Duck Duck Goose

Have the kids sit in a circle with backs to the outside of the circle.
One child stands and begins to walk around the outside of the circle.
That child will tap each child on the head saying “Duck.”
The walking child will call “Goose!” to one person in the circle.
The walking child will then run around the circle in trying to get to the goose’s spot.
At the same time the goose jumps up and tries to tag the child running before he make it to the goose’s spot.
If the Goose doesn’t tag the runner, the goose starts to tap each child and the steps above are repeated.
If the Goose tags the runner before reaching his spot, then the runner must do the process all over again.

Bobbing for Apples Apple bobbing can be a great deal of fun. Apples are placed in water in a large barrel. Each child takes turns bobbing for an apple.

Pass the Pumpkin

Have the children sit in a circle.
Then have the children pass a tiny pumpkin (must fit in the palm).
You can make one from paper if there is no real pumpkin available.
The children pass the pumpkin form one to the next while the Halloween music plays.
When the music stops who ever is holding the pumpkin must answer a question.
Spelling and math questions that are appropriate to age level work well. So do questions about colors and shapes. If the question is correctly answered they stay in the game, if not they are out.

Simon Says

One child is chosen to be “Simon.” The other children stand in a strait line. Simon then calls out an action for the children to follow. It can be anything like…. touch your toes jump on one foot 6 times or… When Simon is giving an action and he starts it with “Simon,” (i.e. “Simon says, touch your ears”) them everyone must follow the instruction. If Simon just states the action (i.e. “touch your head”) the whichever children follow the action are out of the game and have to sit down.

There are all kinds of games that are perfect to play at a Halloween party. Some are games that are known from Birthday parties, while others are strictly related to Halloween. For your Halloween game make the prices Halloween themed.

Kids love to play games so plan plenty and then if there’s not enough time you can always eliminate some games. It’s better than not having enough Halloween games to play.